The blog called Buddy’s Journey is about me. My name is Casey, and I’m a proud owner of a human. My human insists on calling it a dog’s journey, but let’s be real- we all know who the leader of the pack is. Recently, my human decided to take me places around the States. Last time I saw you yous was in Sacramento, the city of many nicknames. Me, I got only one, and it’s Case. This time my human and I are going on yet another adventure and, like always, we are going to report on what we find.

A Dog’s Journey Across America

Seattle, WA

Another blog, another city starting with an ’S’. I’m sensing a pattern here. Were all big cities on the West coast intentionally called something beginning with an ’S….’? Seattle, this one is called Seattle, located somewhere up north. Does this mean we don’t get to go to the beach? Hey, mom, get off the computer and answer me! Do I need to bring my floaties? I look sizzlin’ cute in them.

Pet-friendly Hotels

#1 La Quinta Inn & Suites

We’ve arrived at a nice, cozy place here in Seattle. So far so good, I think. That was until I heard mom go: Look baby, the Space Needle! WHAT ARE YOU SO EXCITED FOR WOMAN, RUN! A needle?! Is this hotel just another ruse to take me to the vet’s again? She’s reading me a hotel’s brochure in order to calm me down… It’s not the vet’s after all. Just high quality accommodation suites not far from Downtown Seattle. Operas, museums and galleries are all nearby, and the shopping district is a walking distance away. Can we go shop for some milk bones? If you’re in town to visit major attractions, La Quinta Inn & Suites suggests Safeco Field, Seahawks Stadium, Seattle Center, Elliot Bay Waterfront and Pike Place Market and you can’t miss the all too famous Space Needle. We are eight blocks from the Washington State Convention Center and Swedish Medical Center, five miles from the Seattle Children’s Hospital, three miles to the University of Washington and near the Cruise Ship Docks. But are we close to a PetCo? My puppy sensed are tingling…

Pet-friendly Restaurants


And as our first stop in Seattle, we are hitting Bark Espresso. Does this imply puppies need caffeine as well? How come I have never needed it? As we’re strolling down towards this cafe, I hear my human rant something about this venue: You know how there are a lot of places that sort of let you have a dog if you sit outside on the patio. But at Bark Espresso, they have a separate seating area where you can bring your dog inside. It’s not fancy, but people are friendly and the coffee is pretty awesome! Do they have cookies that come with coffee, I wonder absent-mindedly. I just wish outside wasn’t as windy and I can go off leash. Hey, can I read the menu? Are those breakfast sandwiches safe for dogs? Sure I can have some, can’t I?

#3 The Tasting Room

This place is a wine drinker’s paradise. My mom’s happy place, looks like. I wonder if the treats are as good as they say… Wait, the sign says ’Dogs are welcome inside.’ Momma, can I sit near you? YAAY. Now, what is a puppy to do to get some food around here? Waiter, can I have a file mignon please? He smirks at me while offering a wide selection of wine and meat and cheese plates. How rude. At least there is some good air-conditioning here, or else I’d be clawing at the wine cellar door. But over all, 4 out of 5 puppy paws.

If you wanna follow my journey go to Buddy’s Journey, I get a treat for every new fan. So, what are you waiting for!

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