buddys journeyThe blog called Buddy’s Journey is about me. My name is Casey and I’m a proud owner of a human. Recently, my human decided to take me places around the States. I was really excited to start exploring the country with her. All I want is to check out all the places that are rated with 5 stars for pet-friendliness. Here I go, off to the first city on my tour. Are you ready to follow me and see the world from my perspective?

San Diego, CA

Let us start by mentioning that this city is in the top ten dog-friendly cities of the US. My human speaks numbers and keeps saying how there are 187 dog-friendly restaurants in this city, more than anywhere else in the world. That’s a good thing, I think. She is also going on about places where you can take your pups shopping, but dogs don’t really care. We only really want more parks and food places.

First up, we’re off to find some awesome hotels where I can stay, right after we check out some parks in the area and restaurants that don’t mind me there! Boy, I’m so excited my tail is about to fly!


#1 The Bristol

We are here guys! I can’t believe I get to have the King sized bed all for myself! I’m just not sure where my human will sleep… Hey, THAT’S MY BED! She says I can get the foot of the bed, at best. Not fair! Those pillows are so fluffy and nice. She’s going on about numbers again, something $193 per night, something-something. Let me sleep, woman! She’s ranting on the phone about this hotel having it all, a friendly staff, a puppy welcomer-person, a gym, cable TV, dry cleaning… I’m off to my kindly provided food bowl and doggy treats, in an attempt to let her know it’s time we slept now. I’ll have her link the hotel’s site down below, I’m super satisfied with it! Other hotels need to get on this level!

Here’s a link: The Bristol


#1 The Landing Grille

OK, so we are here. While walking along I noticed my human stopping by this place at the marina. Here is what I heard about it so far: There are many burger places around, but none quite like this. The American cuisine and the sight of boats and seagulls really capture the essence of the city of San Diego. Dogs are not only allowed, but welcome here, and so are the locals, tourists from all over and other quirky animals. I see my human happily munching on their famous breakfast. I’m going to check out the seagulls now and later put the link to this place below.

The Landing Grille!

#2 Day Break

Another morning in San Diego and my human brings me here. I see there is a dog patio, but I want to get as close to the kitchen as possible, ‘cause that Banana Bread smells so nice. We have our own space, so my dreams are crushed. Not for long though, because some human just brought me a bowl of yummy looking food! Is this magic or did my human set this up? Still, I’m happy to be welcomed here. I munch on my food and smell something else. The smell of the sea is nice, and I can feel the soft ocean breezes. San Diego must mean Heaven in human, or is that Day Break.


#3 Lazy Dog Café

We went out for dinner, my human and I, and she took me to a dog-themed diner. She thought they must have named it after me. Ha-ha. Aside from the entire ‘meta’ vibe going on here, I was surprised that they let us inside. I can smell every food my human calls ‘comfort food’, from BBQs and roasts to pizzas and pastas. I really wish I can order in human now, especially because my language is frowned upon here. Hey, I was just ordering, OK? Ease off me, human. Sheesh. Both human and doggy food is not too costly, my human says to the waiter. She seems nice, brings me water first. After this, I realize service here is very attentive to us and to humans. They must receive so many doggy licks, I mean tips.

Here, check out their menu- Lazy Dog Café.

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