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A journey with your Best Friend!

As an all-time dog lover, and relatively recent dog owner, I often find myself reading about other dogs and their experiences. The curiosity about living a life as a dog is at an all-time high, having one naughty little pooch around my feet all day long. He’s cute, fuzzy and mischievous, but we will get to him later.

For now, let him be the source of inspiration behind this blog. I’ve been wondering what it is like, not just being a dog in a physical sense, but how difficult or easy it is to lead a life as one. Sure, fourteen hours of sleep on an average day doesn’t sound too difficult to achieve, but it’s also not the only thing they are up to. If you sat down and observed most dogs’ behavior during a walk, or a play in the park, you are quite likely to have come up with some similar conclusions as your humble writer here:

  • Dogs are like tiny little nature and wildlife explorers, with their noses constantly buried in some bushes, the ground, or other dogs’ behinds. They have a natural drive to use their noses and do a lot of mental mapping of the world surrounding them.
  • They are thrill-seekers and in most cases big adventurers, which also includes their desire to run around and play. It’s utterly rewarding to see your pup making friends with other pups, especially if he or she is a shy one.
  • They love nothing more than to cuddle up near you when the play time is over, or after the walk is done and you’re both sat on a sofa. They seek stability and comfort just as much as humans, always clinging to their beloved owners legs, even after they’ve done something wrong.
  • They absolutely revel in new experiences, are generally eager to learn and be entertained with new and exciting things. This is not to discredit any shy breeds out there, who prefer their daily routine a little less overwhelming and heart-racing.

Now, having all this in mind, a dog’s life surely is becoming to sound quite hectic. Who’s going to take me out? Who is going to pet me tonight? Where did my toy go? How long until mom returns home? When will we go out again?, thinks little doggy. And imagine the fear in their eyes if they have to be separated from you for long stretches of time. We’re not just talking hours, but days. Can you imagine what’s going through their little brains while you’re away on a business trip? Surely they are going mad with worry. Although it might seem like it, we aren’t really trying to provoke guilt within you for leaving. We’re merely asking you to ask yourself something: ‘What if they could come along?’

While owning dogs has become rather popular in recent years, it seems like the society has yet to catch up on this trend. Really only trendy places from where I come from are completely dog friendly, and pet friendly. Some places, to be quite honest, aren’t even human friendly, if you ask me. If we are all created equal on this Earth, there is no reason why we should try and separate ourselves from any animals that are not imminent danger to our lives. If we can go around doing our business, getting coffee and paying for a bagel, why should our dogs be left home alone to wait. They can come along to certain establishments, yes. I don’t think we are supposed to bring them just anywhere, no.

What we are wondering right now is how can we go about our business, spending time with our pets and not having to choose which one we’d rather do. Sure, there are policies in place. We are not going to contest that here. We are going to delve a little deeper into the dog perspective, however. We are going to take some trips and see what it would be like to be a dog in a human world. We implore you to try and see this as an experiment, not a cry for more open-minded businesses, although the world would benefit greatly from that, overall.

Let’s now see what we can do about this. We can pretend that dogs aren’t taking over our hearts and our beds and slowly becoming more and more involved. We can even state that doggy-sitters exist to relieve us of this dilemma. But one thing most dog-owners can’t contest here is that spending however much time with them almost never seems to be enough. You are reluctant to be separated even during working hours, which is sort of how they feel as well, adding only the feeling of impending doom.

Say you want to go on a road trip during the next long weekend. How easy would you say it would be to arrange for your dog to come with you? How much would the quality of your vacation improve if you are completely free to take your puppy somewhere, like to a hotel? Would you have more fun enjoying your holiday? Would you spend it worrying about his/hers health and well-being? Would you have to pay extra or would it be ok to just have them by your side with no additional charges? Hoping for some great insight into dog-accepting communities and businesses, we are going to slowly lead you from one big American city to another, looking for such places and owners.

Our goal is to decidedly go through as many establishments around America as we can, highlighting all the awesome and welcoming places we can, giving them a shout-out and giving you some links to further explore them. We thought we trade you some good information of finest dog restaurants in town, for some pictures of your beloved pupsie-doodles. If we can, we might end up making a contest for the cutest pic on our blog here, nothing can stop us then.

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