The blog called Buddy’s Journey is about me. My name is Casey and I’m a proud owner of a human. Recently, my human decided to take me places around the States. On our last stop, we visited the city of Seattle, the pet friendly places and its amazing sights and surroundings. This time around, we are still keeping the Western vibe going on, but in one of the biggest, foggiest cities in the US. Sure you already know what city we’re taking over next, the great Baghdad by the Bay, of course!

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There are so many things I cannot wait to learn about this city! I squeal to my mom as we disembark the plane. LOL, dis-em-BARK. You know those large metal birds that go WOOOSH in the sky, one of those. Scary! My mom sure seems unbothered by it, it must be ‘cause she isn’t as frightened by the heights as I am. Plus, she’s so much taller than me. Anyway, we’re on our way to a hotel in SF, and I’m super ready to inspect the fluffiness of the pillows again! The world is mine!


Hotel Carlton

I’ve been condescendingly instructed by my human to sit and read the hotel’s catalog as we wait for someone to show us the room we booked. As if I cannot read. It clearly says one pet is allowed without the extra fee. 

Let’s see what else they say about bringing pets… Additional pets may be allowed with prior hotel approval. Pets cannot be left unattended. Who in their right mind would leave a pet alone? What if we get hungry, or thirsty? What if nature calls? What if there is an apocalypse and I cannot locate my human and save her? 

I got distracted but my mom says I need to let you know this as well: Hotel Carlton is ideally located five blocks from Union Square and approximately 15 miles from San Francisco International Airport. It features Saha Restaurant which serves affordable Arabic fusion cuisine, high-speed Internet access in the lobby, coffeemakers, safes, irons and ironing boards, hairdryers, etc. Hotel Carlton is one of the few hotels in San Francisco equipped with solar panels.  It is also a non-smoking and pet-friendly hotel. All this at a good price! You can book it here.

Toronado Pub

TO-RO-NA-DO Pub? Don’t they mean ‘tornado’? I guess the typo went up there. Anyhow, we’re at this place that allows entrance to leashed dogs. AND beer from around the world! Really, with over 40 kinds of craft beer, this place is perfect for an evening out with friends and pups. Swing by after work or on weekends when there is live music playing. My human got so distracted that she left me to tell you about it. I guess one downside is that there is no doggy beer yet. Then I shall make a suggestion to the waiter! You need to patent your own Puppy Brew!

See it for yourself here!

Universal Café

This place gets all the attention on weekends, so better make your reservation! We are seated on the outdoor patio because dogs are only allowed there, but I’m quite content with this place. Saturday and Sunday brunches are from 9 AM to 3 PM, plenty of time to enjoy the seasonal cuisine with a modern, clean, California twist, and some sunlight. The chefs here insist on traditional farmhouse cooking, such as char-grilled country pork chops, my current favorite! I swear pigs are friends and all, but they are mighty delicious friends! If you don’t trust this fine palate of mine, check them out here.

I’ve been quite busy lately, flying around and enjoying delicious food across pet-friendly places throughout the country. Take some time to check out the rest of my journey here:  

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