Sacramento, CA

Lately, we’ve been feeling pretty wanderlust-y, so we have decided to roam around as many big American cities as we can, in an effort to find great dog-friendly accommodation and restaurants. On our next stop, we are visiting a capital city of the state of California. I’m on a mission to set paw into the best-rated establishments in the city. Paws up who’s hungry! Let’s jump into it.

Did you know that Sacramento has many nicknames?, my owner asks as we pull up to the hotel. No, I’m a puppy, I only know basic commands.

She goes on: You can hear the names like “River City,”  “the Camellia Capital of the World,” or “City of Trees’’. Some people even refer to it as “The Big Tomato.” I like the sound of that, alright. Promises a land of great food…


#1 Oak Park Brewing Company

12226 N Jantzen Ave, Portland, OR (located on Janzen island, exit 1 off I-5)

Did someone say ‘Homemade doggy treats’? Oh man, my mouth is drooling right now. Can I check out the kitchen and see if you guys need some help? I can use my expert nose to sniff out good salami. No? Ok… We’ve been escorted to the outside patio, where I enjoy my treats and a water bowl. Humans around me go on about craft beer and burgers. Apparently, there’s something called a ‘happy hour’ from 3 pm to 6 pm. And I thought all hours are happy when you go out for food and drinks. Anyway, check out their site and menu here:Oak Park Brewing Company

#2 The Shack

12226 N Jantzen Ave, Portland, OR (located on Janzen island, exit 1 off I-5)​

After a night of heavy drinking, and I’m not just talking about the humans, we are here. The Shack is a place where I got served before they even looked at my human companions. That’s the kind of service I’m talking about. You can never have enough attention, pats and homemade treats. These humans understand me. The venue feels like home already. Everyone brought their pups along and came here for a casual meal and infinite cuddles. Humans agree we should just camp out here. Their food looks delicious, all those chicken sandwiches, salads and burgers are out of this world. I’d give this place two thumbs up, if I had ‘em. Check them out: The Shack

#3 Boneshaker Community Brewery

1828 NW Raleigh St, Portland, OR

Another night, another brewery. But boy, this name sure sounds promising! Waiter, one bone please! Wait, make that three! Two minutes later my human informs me that the name is misleading. I’m super disappointed, but trying to hide it by gulping away at my icy-cold bowl of water. I glance over some people’s table, and everyone is enjoying a different kind of food. Humans truly are silly, for not eating steaks for every meal. That’s what I’d do, if I was a human. I’m off to a play area designated for doggies, isn’t this neat! Bread and games, indeed, people, bread and games! Next time you and your human are around, check it out:Boneshaker Community Brewery

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